Reading is such an important part of learning and development. Have you ever wondered why you should read to your kids?

A child needs to be taught various things in order to develop into capable individuals for the future. Reading is one of them. Given the fast paced nature of children’s lives, where they are constantly engaging in a flurry of activities and playing and enjoying themselves, those moments where they spend reading with you, not only introduce some calmness to the day but also works to improve the bond between you and your child as well.

Studies also indicate that children whose parents read out to them before preschool tend to perform better academically. This is because they have already been exposed to better language learning, and can now string together sentences by themselves. This leaves them open to focusing on the subject being taught, such as math, instead of focusing on understanding the basic language skills required to do well in the class.

By reading to them, not only are you helping them to pick up new and interesting words to be added to their vocabulary, you are also teaching them how to read a book. A child cannot innately know how to read a book, that the pages are read from left to right or even which direction to read a line in. By spending more time with you, as you read to them, they start to learn these little tricks from an early age, and may even start to read by themselves. Reading to them also improves their concentration and self-discipline; not only do they have to focus on what you say, they cannot just get up and leave halfway through the story. They learn how to focus on what you are saying, and through imbibing that, improve their language skills as well. Most importantly, they learn that reading is fun and can now engage in reading by themselves, even in the future.